Message from the
Executive Head Teacher

Children come to our school to be happy and successful. We hold this expectation at the heart of our practice.

In this caring community we create an atmosphere of purpose that is alive with learning. It is a place where the confidence and self-esteem of our children have high status, where children are excited by learning and develop understanding of themselves as learners. We teach children how to learn, using the language from Guy Claxton’s “Building Learning Power”. We listen to what they want to learn, and use feedback marking as well as talk for learning to make sure children understand what they need to do to take the next steps forward in their learning.

It is also important to us that our children learn to be responsible, respectful members of the community, and have the skills to engage with others in positive relationships. We appreciate good manners and courtesy, and expect everyone within our school community to show consideration for each other. Children have opportunities to take on responsibilities throughout the school, whether they are monitors, House or Games Captains, or represent their class on the School Council. It is lovely to see older and younger children learning together, when classes pair up, in a nurturing environment.

We offer you a hardworking, dedicated team who offer such high levels of service to our children and the community. From recruitment through to Headship we invest in the development of our staff as we know that they are the greatest asset to our school, along with our children. Alongside this is the important partnership with the parents and carers. We all want the best for our children and together we can make it happen.